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no where else you'd want to be


About Nowhere

NoWhere is a new up and community in Upstate New York that has much to offer. It was named in New York Times the safest place to live in New York in 2018. NoWhere has a population of around 15,000 persons with room for many more. We have many neighborhoods available with open lots waiting for you to move in! With a community that is growing as rapidly as ours, the demand for new businesses and jobs grows more everyday. As we live in a technological world today, we like to keep innovating and beautifying our community as much as possible. 



School Distict


The most valued part of NoWhere is our education system. Our educators value the education of our leaders of tomorrow. We believe that no child should be left behind and our educators put the needs of their students before themselves. Our educators adapt to the learning styles of each student. The graduated senior class of 2018 had an accumulative GPA of 3.27. Our athletic programs excel across the whole spectrum. Our student athletes compete with passion and 100% effort. In 2018 we won 10 league championships, seven sectional championships, five regional championships and four state titles.

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