Our fresh water Lake Where is 10 miles long and six miles wide. Lake Where is a motorized lake that boats and jet skis drive from the months of April until October. Our lake is a clean lake with three beaches and parks that are open in the summer. The Where Trail wraps around the perimeter of the lake making it a fun biking, walking, and running trail for our citizens. In the winter these trails are occupied by cross country skiers, snow shoeing, and sleigh rides!

Lake Where
Grady shopping center

Grady Shopping Center is a locally owned complex. The shopping center contains over 50 shops, 15 restaurant selections, a movie theater, bowling ally, and miniature golf. The Grady Shopping Center is the perfect place to spend your weekend with your friends and families. 

James Slopes

James Slopes is a NEW snowboarding halfpipe for professionals and beginners to shred. Lessons are offered for anyone who would love to learn how to ride! James Slopes consists of two halfpipes. One pipe is for beginners and another super pipe is for advanced riders.


Main street bakery

Main Street Bakery was the first establishment in NoWhere. Here you can find the best homemade delights in all of NoWhere. All ingredients are from local farmers and distributors.